Hydraulics and Irrigation researchers develop a model based on the ‘Transformer’ architecture to guide irrigation communities' decision-making

A clinical study in which almost 40,000 women have participated reveals the efficacy of breast tomosynthesis in decreasing the rate of interval carcinomas; that is, those that appear between two screening tests, suggesting the advisability of including this diagnostic technique in breast cancer early detection programs

A protocol designed by the University of Cordoba yields a simple and robust evaluation of the efficiency and durability of different commercial non-stick coatings used for food preparation

The mutual relationship between an algae and three bacteria studied by a team at the University of Cordoba presents the highest hydrogen production obtained so far by this type of consortium

This species, common in eastern Andalusia, is able to trap moisture from the fog and convey it to the ground, making it a valuable tool in times of drought

A 5-year study involving more than 500 diabetic patients compared the effect of two healthy diets on the body, concluding that the Mediterranean diet favors the elimination of compounds affecting kidney function

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