A team with the Chemical Institute for Energy and the Environment (IQUEMA) at the University of Cordoba has come up with a battery that uses hemoglobin as an electrochemical reaction facilitator, functioning for around 20-30 days

Martes, 19 Diciembre 2023 08:54

Night sweats reveal the severity of sleep apnea

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A collaborative effort between the University of Córdoba and IMIBIC uses, for the first time, changes in sweat metabolism to diagnose the severity of sleep apnea

Martes, 12 Diciembre 2023 09:05

Saliva: a means to detect pain in people with dementia

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A team from the UCO's Nursing Department has determined the presence of two pain biomarkers and their levels in saliva as a tool to diagnose pain,effectively and non-invasively, in people with dementia and communication problems

A team from the University of Cordoba has published evapotranspiration projections for Andalusia through 2100, using a machine learning model that allows this data to be obtained based on the air temperature

A DAUCO team finds that silicon is a potential means of promoting plant growth, probably by favoring the absorption of nutrients such as potassium

Restrictions on the use of certain agrochemicals, such as fertilizers or pesticides, in the field of agribusiness have boosted interest in looking for alternatives to protect and strengthen crops like olive groves. In this context, a team from the María de Maetzu Unit of Excellence in the Department of Agronomy at the University of Cordoba has verified how an element that is naturally present in the soil, silicon, can be used to bolster the growth of plants by favoring their absorption of potassium.

An analysis carried out by the University of Cordoba 30 years after the implementation of Andalusia's Aldea environmental education program suggests as an improvement strategy the adoption of an approach integrating the entire educational community into the program

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